Theme for August: Communication

“…a time to be silent and a time to speak.” Ecclesiastes 3:7b

Mom’s Musing:
iPods, cell phones, TV, Internet…something or someone is constantly talking to us. On the forty-five minute drive home from my daughter’s soccer game, we turned off the radio. It was so pleasant to have non-media interference in the car. My husband and I were able to talk and contentedly enjoy the quiet pauses in conversation. Our daughter was especially quiet. I thought maybe she was reflecting on the game or resting. I turned around to see if she had fallen asleep. Her eyes were open, looking out the window. “Are you tired from the game, Honey?” No response. Strange. Then I noticed the ear buds inserted into her ears!

Parenting Tip: Incorporate quiet  into each day. Include times for media free zones so family members can interact with each other.

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