Six times. We have moved our four kids six times since May. One out of an apartment, one into an apartment, two home from college, one to California, one back to college.

Flexibility is the name of the game, especially when it comes to parenting the late teen, young adult years. 

Each time one of my kids moves, it is not only a change for my kid but for me too. I have never been good with change…not good since life never remains stagnant. 

Moving out, moving in, moving away, moving back. YIKES!

One of my girl’s, who just graduated from college, decided it was time to move to California. She was born in San Diego, loves the warmth, hates the Colorado cold, loves the beach, and isn’t much of a mountain fan. So on a wing and prayer, she and I drove cross-country (OKAY….not that far, but across five state lines.) with her most important possessions in the hopes of securing a job in the Golden State.

She is so brave. She isn’t afraid of a challenge or change. I never would have done that at age twenty-one. In fact, I wouldn’t do it now!

The adjustment came with the stress and pressure that looking for a job brings. I wanted to make it easy for her, kiss the owie of the temporary unemployment away. I don’t like to watch her hurt or struggle.

Even though discouragement was part of the package, she persevered. Her tenacity muscles were built while my muscles were stretched. She secured her job and now can pay her bills. (Yippee!)

Reflecting on this, I guess this is why God allows us (me) to struggle too. There are such great benefits to the delayed gratification. When things don’t go the way I want or as fast as I’d hoped, I find myself turning to him. I learn patience, persistence, and perseverance in the process. Humility is grown when waiting is a part of the picture.

So all-in-all change is an emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually maturing process for my kids. And while I am only the observer, it is for me, too. 

My protection and success come from God alone. 
Psalm 62: 7

How is God growing you?

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