We have the blessing of having my friend, Barbara Peavy, tenderly and vulnerably share her story of moving from fear to freedom. You will be blessed by her transparency and courage!
In 1989, I received a call that would forever change the course of my life. I was living a mom’s worst nightmare.

There was a calm, gentle voice  telling me, my two sons had been arrested. While listening to the words describing the details that led up to the arrest, I felt as if I was in a bad dream.

The clutches of fear reached out and captured my heart. Fear…it is always lurking just around the corner for the next victim. Fear waits for the overwhelming circumstances in your life….then it pounces.

I knew fear well. I had just divorced a verbally and physically abusive man. Fear had become a part of my dysfunctional life. Fear had quietly slipped into my heart and took up residence before I ever realize what was happening. It spoke to me continually; every thought escalating into an undesired scenario.

For months, while my sons were in jail awaiting sentencing, I was alone and afraid. There was no one to run to.

I needed a glimmer of hope. Just a little that would show me… it will all be okay.

Suddenly, I knew I had to have Jesus back in my life. I could no longer do life by myself.

Honestly, at the moment of surrender all my fears didn’t disappear and peace did not flood my heart, mind, and soul like it does for some. For me, returning to the Lord was a process that I had to walk through.

I had to learn I was not God in my boy’s life.

I had to learn to trust God with them.

The Lord has given me strength to walk with my sons through their addictions, overdoses, and prison sentences. 

Here are four things I have learned to keep fear from capturing my heart during trying times times:

1. Focus – Surrounding circumstances always battles for my heart. I must keep my focus on Him. If I don’t my circumstances will consume me. This is point fear tries to enter. But if I keep my eyes upon Him peace will flood my heart.

2. Strength– As I put my focus on Him I begin to have strength to continue on this journey. I have no strength in myself. My strength is found in Him. I am able to stand and pray for my children. My prayers are not always what I want, but I find myself praying for His will in their life.

3.Trust – As I begin to get stronger in Him by staying focused, reading the Word, and praying, trust begins to fill my heart. When I am trying to take care of my sons’ lives and not let God be God, I find my trust wavers. But as His trust fills my being then I can let go and allow God to work within their lives. 

4.Hope – Hope overcomes every doubt that has been placed in my heart by fear. Hope now soars and I know that I know He is in control.

I am not alone. And Jesus is strong. I could not have walked this path for 24 years without Him.

Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.
Psalm 56:3

Where has fear grabbed a hold of you? Family, finances, health?

Get to know my friend Barbara!

Barbara Peavy is married to Danny, the love of her life. She is the mother of two sons, stepmom to three daughters and a son, and the unofficial mother of two other sons and another daughter. She has twenty-eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren! Needless to say, holidays at the Peavy house are busy and loud. 

She is a serious girl with a sense of humor who loves working in her gardens, kicking back in one of her sitting areas and listening to the birds sing, while she does what she loves most…spends time with her Lord. Barbara loves leading women’s Bible study groups and encouraging women to know and experience the love of God. She has a bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and has traveled around the world on a variety of mission trips. She has had the privilege of serving in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Honduras, and Nicaragua. To find out more about Barbara visit her website at .

Join her as she does a series about “My Children Are In Prison, What Do I Do Now”. She speaks with freedom and transparency as she shares from her heart regarding her journey with her children.

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