For the last two months my Eternal Moments blog has been focused on the power of prayer : What it is, why we pray, how do we pray, what do we pray for, how does God answer, and finally how does the enemy prevent prayer.

Here are the links in case you missed any of the posts in the Power of Prayer series: 

1. What is the deal with prayer?
2. Why pray?
3. What is the perfect prayer posture?
4. What’s the best say to pray?
5. 7 Different Types of Prayers
6. What should I pray for?
7. God’s 3 Answers to Prayer.
8. How does the enemy prevent prayer?

For the upcoming weeks we will be looking at the power of love. We will take a close look at relationships.
The series will begin April 21st with a special Holy Week prayer from my dad on April 14th.

With faith, hope,and love,

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