Murphy, my rust colored labradoodle, was bitten by a rattlesnake. The snake’s teeth sunk into Murphy’s front left leg. The venom coursed through his blood at lightning speed.

Due to my son and daughter’s quick thinking and action, Murphy survived.

Sometimes my tongue, my words, can carry just as much venom as that snake’s bite.

Moms and Dads, our messages, our approach can be poisonous.

Here are 4 Poisonous Parenting Personalities and Their Antidotes.

1. The Indulger.
    The  Poison: ” I will move heaven and earth to keep you happy. I will prevent you from failing.
    I will rescue you. I will take the blame so you will never experience discomfort or disappointment.”
    The Result: The child is dependent and entitled.
    The Antidote: Step out of the way. Train your child how to win and lose with grace. Show him
     how failure is an excellent teacher.

2. The Commander.
     The Poison: “My way or the highway. I know better than you. Without me you will fail.”
     The Result: Child lacks confidence, is dependent yet becomes resistant and rebellious.
     The Antidote: Zip it. Let the child make some decisions and have a voice so he can grow his
     confidence and experience personal responsibility.

3. The Distracted.
     The Poison: “I’m too busy. Everything else is more important than you. You can wait.”
     The Result: Child feels unloved. Seeks to be perfect or chooses to get into trouble in order to gain
      The Antidote: Re-prioritize. Get involved. Spend time with your child. Get into his world. Put down the phone.
4. The Assumer.
     The Poison: “My child will do no wrong. I don’t have to get involved, my child is perfect.”
     The Result: The child lies and manipulates.
     The Antidote: Allow the child to be human. Share your own mistakes and challenges. Love
     unconditionally with the knowledge we are all imperfect.

In James 3:8 it says, “No human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”
We may not be able to tame our tongue on our own but with God’s help nothing is impossible.

Murphy still bears his battle wound. The skin surrounding the bite area is bald and black. The tissue is permanently damaged. No fur can grow there.

 Like Murphy, our kiddos will survive from a poisonous bite but unless we change our ways, our messages can do permanent damage.

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