Prayer is something most Christian parents do yet many of us find challenging. Distraction and and boredom sometimes move in, making it difficult to pray effectively. Prayer is a personal communion and conversation with God yet sometimes it feels dry and impersonal.  We quietly contemplate how can our prayer time be more vibrant, exciting, fresh, or more intimate. Contemplative prayer is one way to renew and refresh your spiritual life and your time with the Lord.

While researching contemplative prayer, I was surprised to discover there is a big debate over it. Who knew?

What is Contemplative Prayer and How Do I Pray That Way is an article I recently wrote for Within the article the controversy is described as are ways God communicates with his people. Parameters and steps on how to pray a Christian contemplative prayer are provided. If you are interested in prayer and want to add interest, intimacy, and intentionality to your spiritual life, check out my article over at Crosswalk by clicking here.  Here are the topics covered.

What Is Contemplative Prayer and How Do I Pray That Way?

What is the Contemplative Prayer Controversy?

How Does God Communicate with us?

How to Pray and Contemplative Prayer.

I hope this article on prayer blesses you and your family.

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