Summer is right around the corner and many of the activities the kids have participated in are coming to a close. Some of you may even have a child who is getting ready to leave for college. To get a head start on summer before it slips by— organize some intentional (and eternal)  time with your young person. If you are looking for a way to discuss faith and the bible with your teen, I have just the study for you and your child, The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students by Kristen Hatton.

Kristen and I are in a mastermind group together. She has a heart for high school students and the parents of those students. If you would like your name tossed into the hat to possibly receive a  receive a free book, please comment in the section below. A winner will be chosen and notified at the end of the week. To be eligible you must live in the contiguous U.S.

So… here’s my  interview with Kristen.

Kristen, tell us little about yourself. 

I live in Oklahoma with my pastor husband and I’m  the mother of three teenage/young adult children. I have also written Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World and Get Your Story Straight. Currently I’m pursuing a Master in Counseling and I recently started a ministry called Redemptive Parenting.

Why did you feel it was so important to write a Bible study specifically for teens?

After starting a small group Bible study for my daughter and some her friends I  quickly realized  there was very little in the way of Bible study curriculum for teens. Everything at the Christian bookstore appeared to be topical, feel-good messages for navigating a happy, successful teen life. I wanted something more. Teens need to have their eyes lifted off themselves to see the truth about who Jesus is. It’s important  for them to be deeply rooted in Scripture, to learn who God is beyond Sunday-school sound bites. Otherwise, Scripture can just seem like disjointed bits of advice and rules.

Why did you chose Exodus for your teen Bible Study?

I love how clearly God’s pattern of redemption is laid out in the book of Exodus. Teens  don’t expect to see Jesus show up in such places as the tenth plague, the wilderness, and the tabernacle. Additionally, they are surprised that they can relate to the Israelites. Exodus  connects the Old Testament to the gospel and relates to their lives today.

What would be an example of how students relate their teen lives to the Israelites?

When students see how sin taints their motives and desires and shows up in the false gods they turn to while looking for an identity (appearance, performance, perfectionism, recognition or acceptance)—they will be faced with how alike they are to Israelites with their golden calf.

How can the study be used?

The book was designed as a small group resource, but will work just as well for individual use. In fact, one of my teenage sons has already started using it for his daily quiet time. I would also recommend families use it together around the dinner table. In both of these scenarios, an individual or family could break each hour-long lesson into smaller chunks and spend multiple days or a week in it.

What is the format for each lesson in the study?

Each lesson focuses on one primary passage or event so that by the end of the twelve lessons a student should have a good grasp of the entire book of Exodus. The lessons are structured so they could be done within an hour, and a suggested amount of time to spend in each section of the lesson is given. They are designed to be interactive with a leader facilitating, but again can certainly be done solo.

What is your hope for teens as they use this study?

I hope they gain a greater understanding of the gospel. Then I hope it spurs them on to a deeper worship of The Lord and desire to be in His Word.

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What is one small and simple way you weave faith into your teen’s daily life? 

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