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A Summer Bible Study for Your Teen!

Friends, Summer is right around the corner and many of the activities the kids have participated in are coming to a close. Some of you may even have a child who is getting ready to leave for college. To get a head start on summer before it slips by--- organize some...

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What Are the Seven Deadly Sins?

Friends, Most of us have heard about the seven deadly sins but most of us don't really know much about them. If you have wondered how they came to be, where they are in the Bible, what specifically those deadly sins are found in scripture, if deadly means...

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Here, Now

Dear Readers, Meet my friend Kate Merrick. I met Kate this past fall. She and I have been part of a mastermind  group with The Open Door Sisterhood for women in ministry. I can tell you Kate knows how to live life to the fullest. She also understands the deepest...

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How to Help Your Teen Navigate the Online World

  Friends, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to my friend Christine Carter. Some of you may recognize her name. Many of her articles can be seen over at Her message is positive, faith-filled, real, and typically contains a...

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A Prayer for Holy Week

  Holy week is here. In keeping with the tradition of my blog,  here is a poem and prayer from my dad.   Have a beautiful and blessed Easter. ~Lori           Dear Jesus, That day is fast approaching There is no place to hide. That day filled with your suffering My...

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How to Create a Faith and Fun Filled Easter Basket

The night before Easter, my husband and I were determined to foil our children by hiding their baskets in unexpected locations. Our four kids had become quite adept at finding their baskets in no time flat. As I opened the oven door and slid the pink basket onto the...

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How to Talk with Children About Easter

Talking with  children about Easter can be a challenge for moms and dads.The reason we believe in Jesus is the empty tomb. A conversation containing  elements of betrayal, suffering, torture, and death isn’t easily navigated. In 1 Corinthians 15:14 Paul tells us there...

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  Easter is getting hoppin' close! A few of the writers from 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting got together to create NO GREATER LOVE -a faith-filled Easter Freebie for you and your family. Click here to find Scripture verses, prayers, activities, and recipes for Palm...

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3 Critical Tips for Parents of Prodigals

3 Critical Tips for Parents of Prodigals by Lori Wildenberg  When we have a young adult child who has gone astray and walked away from their faith, family relationships, or family values or morals it is a painful thing. Part of the pain is the inability to fix the...

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