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Don’t Steal from Your Kids

Have you heard this quote by Theodore Roosevelt , “Comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s true. Comparison steals joy and turns admiration into envy and jealousy. When we compare our kiddos to one-another we can do some damage. Sibling rivalry is as old as time. It...

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Pull the Plug on Power Struggles

Don't you wish you could just plug the plug on those annoying power struggles? Perhaps there is a way.  Here's the thing. Kids are in it to win it. They are all in when it comes to fighting for their way. And the reality is parents are consumed with other concerns as...

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10 Ways to STOP Your Child’s Self-Shaming

"I'm so stupid." "I can't do that." "I will only mess up." "I'm a bad kid." "I hate myself." "There's no reason to study. I will fail anyway."  Do your kids self shame like this? Do they verbalize negative self-messages? Do they have a defeatist mind-set? Do they...

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NEW Free Video Series on Parenting

  NEW Free Video Series on Parenting with Peace and Joy! Hosted by Jennifer Stuart Dear friend, Have you ever wished that you could sit down and chat with parenting experts from all around the world to help you find solutions to your daily parenting struggles? I love...

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Today,  I am featuring a poem by my dad. This poem was written about my dad's (and my) favorite spot...The Cabin! Just recently I was able to share the  magic of the lake with four of my very dear friends! (Three of them are pictured below.) Rockland...

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What One Reader Has To Say

Friends, This is a portion of an article by mom and blogger, Jamie Bates. To read her review of Messy Parenting in its entirety please click on the link below. To find out more about Jamie and her blog click here. “Life is lived out in the unexpected.” When offered...

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What Happened When I Prayed for the Perfect Teacher

First grade is a big year. One that may cause some anxiety in moms and in kids. For many kids it is the first full day away from home. For many moms it is the first time an adult and non-family member will have such a great impact on the child. First grade can be a...

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My Dad was Dying

My mom lifted the fork to my dad’s mouth. His eyes were filled with love as she fed him. I felt frustrated. “He’ll never get better if she keeps babying him.” I was determined Pops would beat this thing. “All he has to do is put forth a little effort, have a good...

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