Living a Big Faith

Living a Big Faith

Friends, I love to bring you parenting and faith based resources  information. I wanted to make you aware of a new devotional that has just been released. Seven of my author friends have joined forces and put this devotional together for you! Below is an excerpt from...

A Dirty Gospel

Recently I heard someone describe Christianity as the Dirty Religion. I wish I could recall who so I could blame, I mean cite, him!I’m sure a few folks reading this are wondering where I’m going with this. Well, I am going with it, so to speak!Think about...

A Summer Picnic Jesus Style

What would you serve at a picnic for 5,000 guys and their families? How does five small barely loaves and two small fish sound? Well…invite Jesus and you are good to go! Jesus took the young boy’s lunch, gave thanks, and distributed the bread and fish....

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