Available now! Messy Hope, a multiple award winning book, was released August 23, 2021.
Some experts say that depression and anxiety are the new normal. Parents, we cannot accept this! We can help our kids overcome this mental health epidemic and empower them with HOPE!

“Life changing” were the words one event coordinator used to describe the message in The Messy Life of Parenting. Between the covers of The Messy Life of Parenting you will discover how to strengthen the relationships in your family.

Did you do everything “right” and your young adult child still wandered away from from faith or family values. If you need (or your friend needs) some encouragement or support pick up Messy Journey. Hope, healing, and help are found in these pages.

Don’t read this book. Use it like a tool. Search the index to find what you need and then apply the suggested strategies. This book deals with patience, tantrums, whining, power struggles and more.
Got teens? Got a tween? You need this book. Scour the index for the issues you may be facing attitude, anger, stealing, lying, dating, driving, eating disorders and more.
Practical, Applicable, Warm and Honest. Each chapter contains thought provoking questions, parenting tips, and a specific prayer.

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