37 Cents Worth of Trust

God is with you. You are not alone. An inspirational talk for a women’s event.

Speak Love Loud

What message do you want to send? What words do we crave to hear? Within your sphere of influence, meet people where they are by speaking love loud. (Based off of John 4- Jesus meeting the woman at the well). Appropriate for any age. Designed for the MOPS 2017-18 Theme Free Indeed.

Bring Kindness Home

Do you want to strengthen your relationships? The lost art of kindness is the way to draw others to us and to God. Bring kindness home.  Appropriate for any age. Excellent keynote for retreats and women’s events.

Choose to Flourish

Do you feel insecure in your role as a woman or as a parent? Extinguish negative self-talk and identify your purpose, passion, and personality type to gain confidence in your identity as a daughter of the King. Appropriate for a mom’s or women’s event.

Melting Mom Myths

Re-examining and tweaking 4 commonly held beliefs in order to parent in a way that your kids need. (appropriate for parents of any age child)

Who’s the Boss?

Do you ever wonder who is in charge? Attacking power struggles and whining. For parents of younger children.

The Big Bad Mad

Whoa where did that temper come from? Discover how to be angry but not to sin in your anger. Appropriate for any age and can be geared for a women’s event.

You Are NOT Alone

Did you raise up your child in the way he should go yet he took another way? Do you feel alone? Are you isolated in the deep pain that a prodigal child brings? God tells us we are not alone. Hear practical ways to care for yourself, approach your prodigal,and remove the burden of shame.


I Am a HoArder

Ditching the things we hang onto that prevent a Merry Christmas. (for Women’s Christmas teas and events)

Have a Mary Christmas

How to Martha move over a bit and make room for Mary in order to be present at Christmas. (For Women’s Christmas teas and events)

"Lori's approach is to come alongside parents and offer a been there done that type of encouragement and advice. No judgment or talking down to parents. No textbook answers. Having raised 4 kids of her own in the real world she has earned the right to be heard on the tough issues facing today's teens and she offers such excellent insight. But what I love the most about Lori is her top priority in parenting a child of any age is the condition of that child's heart, not his immediate happiness or behavior. The heart is what matters, the good choices and behavior will follow. This alone sets her apart from all the other pop psychology parenting voices out there. If you get a chance to sit under Lori's teaching, take it!"

– Raney

"What Lori brings to an event is professional and personal. She engages the audience by speaking with passion and humor. Lori is an amazingly effective communicator. "

– Pastor

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