Weekend workshops

or 4-8 week courses

Loving the Prodigal

How to Navigate Life When Your Child Takes a Detour. 7 sessions content includes: Relationships, boundaries, emotions, spiritual warfare, prayer.

Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love

8 sessions content includes: Effective communication, trust building, typical temptations, anger, respect, entitlement.

Raising Little Kids with Big Love

8 sessions content includes: Parental patience, temper tantrums, whining, power struggles, friendships, sibling relationships.

Raising Toddlers to Teens

8 sessions content includes: Information from the above two courses.

P.O.W.W. Packing a Spiritual Punch into your Parenting

4 sessions content includes: Prayer, Loving others, The Word, Worship.

Writers Workshops

For aspiring authors or bloggers

Talking about Speaking

If you are a writer, then you will be a speaker. Learn sure fire tips on how to successfully speak to any size audience.

Why, When, and How to Build a Social Media Writing Team

The team approach grows your audience at a rapid rate. Discover how to find, vet, and work with a team of leaders.

Narrow Your Audience. Expand Your Reach

No book (other than the Bible) is for everyone. Discover how writing to your niche expands your reach.

Write for the Reader

Why do you write? What is the message God has put on your heart? Tips are provided to alter perspective and embrace an outward focus in order to speak to your reader.

" I already started using some of the tips you gave us! Thank you."