HeartCORe Conference

HeartCORe Family Conference & HeartCORe Single Parent Conference

Led by the 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting (1C13P) Team

HeartCORe Conferences are tailored to your church’s needs. Head over to Lori’s contact page to begin the dialogue on how 1C13P can best serve your community of parents.

Note to Parents:

Bless the heart of your family and attend a HeartCORe Conference. No matter the make-up of your family, if you are a parent or grandparent this conference is for you.

Note to Pastors:

Our culture is rapidly shifting. Parents are challenged in how to respond. HeartCORe Conferences exist to support the pastor and the local church by serving families and training lay leaders. We seek to empower leaders and parents to successfully and faithfully raise children in a world that has legalized drug use, normalized same-sex marriage, created entitlement in children, and stirred the pot of parental competition on social media. The material presented is cutting edge and culturally relevant. The approaches given are practical, easily applicable, and faith-based. No matter if the moms and dads in your flock are dealing with toddler tantrums, tween-teen big sighs and rolling eyes, or rebellious young adults, parents will be encouraged and equipped to confidently deal with the cultural curve ball.

This conference supports ministry leaders in their role to serve families, train lay leaders, and provides the opportunity for community outreach. Strong faith-filled families are necessary for a strong faith-filled church. Click here to connect with Lori & Becky to see how a HeartCORe Conference could serve the parents in your congregation.


Be equipped, empowered, and encouraged as we go “HeartCORe” into parenting with faith, hope, and love.
Why should my church hold a HeartCORe Conference?

Because we address the topics parents in your congregation care about. The CORe concerns of cultural changes, faith, relationships, and education. Single or married, parents and grandparents will enjoy fellowship, fun, and family-focused sessions.

A pre-conference Bonus Session is available for Church Leaders.

Becoming a Church with 1 Corinthians 13 Parents

This early workshop is designed for pastors and lay leaders to earn more about using the 1 Corinthians 13 Parent series for large groups, small groups, and mentoring relationships. Tips and strategies will be provided to encourage 1 Corinthians 13 love in families.


"After hearing Lori I feel confident that I can be a better mommy!"

" I really enjoyed this talk, Lori! You are very knowledgeable and I enjoyed your stories. Thank you for coming to speak to us."

"Thank you for your honest approach and great advice. I feel like less of a failure and more of a normal mom."

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