PODCASTS: Moms Together & Moms Better Together

The Moms Together Podcast

The Moms Together Podcast is designed for just for you, a busy mom or grandmom. This podcast, an extension of the Moms Together Facebook community and group, seeks to address the variety of  needs most women have as they navigate motherhood.




Moms Better Together Podcast

Most Christian moms desire to raise kids in a way that honors the Lord yet are unsure how to do that. Lori Wildenberg, parenting expert, author, and national speaker along with members of her Moms Together team, assist moms in their quest to honor God’s call to raise up faith-filled kids.

In Season 1, they begin by applying the principles learned from the mothers in the Bible to raise up faith-filled kids. Today’s moms will discover how to grow their child’s character while fostering the growth of their child’s faith.

Season 2, the fruit of the spirit character qualities, exhibited by Joseph in Genesis, are discussed. Practical ways to partner with the Holy Spirit to nurture these qualities in our kids and in ourselves are offered. This podcast provides a realistic approach, a broad perspective, and practical faith-based tools. This podcast encourages moms in their faith and equips them in their parenting.

Once a month, authors Lori Wildenberg & Lee Ann Mancini ( MOMents with Lori & Lee Ann)  discuss complex topics regarding parenting and disciplining on Lee Ann’s Raising Christian Kids Podcast.  

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