Moms Together


Encouraging, Equipping, Empowering.

We are closing in on 20,000  moms and grandmoms. Be uplifted, inspired, and equipped. Our conversations over at our Moms Together Facebook group are informative, supportive, faith-filled, thought provoking, and sometimes laugh out loud fun. To be a part of this Like and Follow MOMS Together on Facebook. Then jump over to the MOMS Together group page and send a request to join this dynamic and active Facebook Community. Conversation and/or prayer occur Monday and Wednesday and are led by Lead Mentor Mom, Lori Wildenberg or one of the other Mentor MOM Team Members. Tuesdays are our light hearted Get-to-know-Ya days, The second and forth Mondays of the month we have a stand alone bible study related to mothering. And Fridays we share our Friday Favorites: a blog (yours or someone else’s), a craft, gift ideas, recipes, a meme, a video, something that brought tears or laughter– whatever! You will be encouraged, empowered, and equipped to be the best mom you can be. Enjoy new friendships, perspectives, prayer, and support from moms from all over the world! We are MOMS Together because we are better together. Join us!