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Helping families build connections that last a lifetime.

Be encouraged, supported, and empowered in your parenting with an approach that focuses on ways to grow desirable character traits in your child while setting the tone for family relationships to last a lifetime. Lori, a licensed parent and family educator, will assist you with easily applicable and practical strategies to utilize during challenging parenting moments. She will show you how to help your child develop desirable qualities. Parenting isn’t only about modifying behavior, it’s about participating with God in shaping who your child will become. Personally Lori relates. Professionally she supports.

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A Parent and Family Educator, Consultant, and Coach provides structure, suggestions, strategies, encouragement, and support. The client chooses whether or not to implement the ideas discussed.
A Parent and Family Educator and Coach is not:

  • Counselor: No diagnosis and/or treatment of mental, emotional, or addictive conditions.
  • Child Therapist: No therapy for children is given. Parenting is the focus.
  • Lawyer: No legal advice will be given, nor should any sessions be viewed as such.
Types of Parent Consulting and Coaching Available

  • Couples: The mom and the dad.
  • Stepparent coaching: Stepparent and spouse
  • Women: Mom, stepmom, single mom
  • Lori does not offer individual coaching for dads.

What does parent coaching look like?

A typical coaching 1st session for parents of children (0-17) includes:
(Note: Coaching for parents of adult children is also available. Because the issues are deeper and more complex, please fill out the Contact Lori form for more specifics and she will contact you regarding what the parents of adult children coaching sessions look like.)

1/2 hour Intake Call

  • General and pertinent information provided by client.
  • Concerns with examples given by parent(s).
  • Parenting objectives and goals stated by parent(s).
  • Parenting coaching meeting scheduled.

Tailored Strategy

Next, Lori tailors a strategy specifically for the parents and their unique concerns. If the parent coaching meeting is to occur via phone or computer, payment is requested prior to the actual coaching session.

1 hour Coaching Session

  • This can be done via phone, video conferencing, in the client’s home, or at an agreed upon location. The place or venue coaching occurs depends on the needs and circumstances of the client.
  • Lori and client discuss the strategies suggested. Lori listens and together the approaches are tweaked as needed.
  • A follow up session is scheduled.
  • Payment due at this time for clients seen in person.

Practice Strategies

After the coaching session the client puts the strategies into practice for seven to ten days. (Unless a different time frame is agreed upon.) The client notes successes and continued challenges. Following seven to ten days of implementation the follow-up appointment occurs.

1/2 hour Follow-Up Session

  • Discuss week’s experience. Adjust where needed. Determine if a second parent coaching session is appropriate. If so, schedule next appointment.
  • Note: The most satisfying experience with better results and a swifter resolution to those parenting concerns occurs when both parents are part of the process.
  • Contact Lori for fees and availability.

"Lori is my favorite kind of parent coach...imperfect with imperfect kids. Now that I can relate to!"

– Mother of four teens

"Lori helped us feel like dealing with our kids' negative issues is not so overwhelming. She has a very positive logical approach to her parenting techniques. Lori helps you without making you feel like a terrible parent, but she is straight forward at the same time. I wish we would have started working with her sooner. After meeting with Lori we experienced a large sense of relief. My husband even said he feels like everything started getting better and that we are going to be okay. Lori truly has a gift and she is using it!"

– Mom of teen, preschooler, and toddler

"I just want to say a huge, Thank You! Thank you for helping us get through the adjustment of a new family diet due to my son's allergies. Thank you!"

– Mom of two soon to be three!

"We were having problems with our 3 year old son hitting and being rebellious. It was awful! We tried time-out, putting him in his room, taking things away etc... Nothing seemed to work. We called Lori. She came to our home and met with me, my husband, and our nanny. She told us we were giving him way too much power! She told us how to change up our language from negative to positive. We changed the way we spoke to him and he changed! After one week of this new language and thinking, we saw at least a 90-95% improvement in our son's behavior! Lori is wonderful. Thanks so much!"

– Mom of a three year old

"My husband and I needed some specialized help to manage some issues with our three year old daughter. Lori gave us hope and encouragement. She pinpointed some ways we could handle our situation better as parents. Most importantly she helped us better understand our daughter's behavior and why she was responding in the way that she was. Through Lori's encouragement and help from the Lord we are enjoying a more peaceful home."

– Mom of two

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