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Pray, Eat, Live

  Friends, I wrote a devotional for the Christian Authors Network on Hannah and her passionate prayer to the Lord to have a child. Click here to read the devotional (short read but inspirational message especially if  you are in a hard place. ) Many blessings,...

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Everyday Brave Moms

Friends, This month I have had the pleasure of introducing a few authors and newly released books to you. Today my guest blogger is friend and colleague, Janet Thompson. She is one of the most courageous women I know. Her newest book, Everyday Brave is hot off the...

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5 Truths Your Child Needs to Know in an Unsafe World

Friends, Meet Julie Sanders. We became friends a few years ago when God brought us together on The Mom Initiative Team. Julie has a tender and quiet spirit but don't let that fool you. Julie is a fierce prayer warrior with an unshakable faith ! This article will move...

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Take Back Your Time!

Friends, I am really excited to introduce my friend, Morgan Tyree to you. I met Morgan about a year ago. We were part of a group called the Open Door Sisterhood. The group, around 12 of us, spent a weekend together at Priest Lake in Idaho. All the women who attended...

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10 Ways to Dial into Your Child’s Heart (and your own)

Parents, particularly moms, live for the moments we can share meaningful conversations with our kids. One way to dial into their heart is to do a check-in a couple times a month or during the times of struggle or challenge. Many adults have trouble identifying their ...

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7 Ways to Tackle Back-to-School Anxiety

It's August! How did that happen? Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I saw a display for  Halloween. OK, it is seriously too early to purchase Halloween candy. BUT.. what is right around the corner-and in some cases next week, is the summer to back-to-school...

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Behind the Wheel Grace and Forgiveness Litmus Test

I typically think I'm not so bad. I can usually come up with someone worse. Thinking through situations where someone hasn't dealt with something well, I may think I could have done better. Or when I have done it badly, I'm pretty good at forgiving myself, brushing it...

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3 Ways to Lead and to Grow a Leader

Parents are leaders. Most parents hope to raise a leader rather than a follower. Watch this from Mimika TV and Podcast  click here   to access the interview. ) Mimika Cooney's show , she and I discuss  3 ways to foster leadership by leading the way Jesus did. Here's a...

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How to Implement a Summer Chore Hack without the War

Wouldn’t it be great to have your tween or teen pitch in rather than procrastinate or pitch a fit when it comes to summer chores? Here’s a chore hack that will eliminate parental pleading and bargaining. (Hint: It's all in the presentation.) FIRST Create three...

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