Speaking schedule

08/25-27/2019 Christian Product Expo International  Murfreesboro, TN

09/12/19 MOPS Highlands Ranch, CO

09/19/21 Book Release Party The Bridge at Bear Creek Church Lakewood, CO 

09/20-22/2019 Rocky Mountain Friends Women Retreat

10/4-5/19 RECLAIM 2019 Conference Akron, OH

10/10/19 Heart of the Matter Radio with Cynthia Simmons

03/06-07/20 Set Apart Conference, University of Northwestern St. Paul, MN

03/09/20 Moms Together Podcast Episode 6

03/23/20 Moms Together Podcast Episode 7

04/04/20 Family Time Training Spring Fling On-line

04/08/20 Moms Together Podcast Episode 8

04/20/20 MOMS in the Middle Littleton, CO (meeting Facebook live)

04/21-23/20  Purpose Power Summit (online)

04/22/20 Cheyenne, WY Mops (Facebook Live)

04/28/20 Podcast Interview with Dr. Barbara

05/06/20 Laine Lawson Craft Interviews Podcast

05/07/20 MOMPods (Mommy Chat series with Oluseye Ashiru)

05/13/2020 Global Mama Movement Podcast with Lisa McCabe

09/17-19/20 MOMCON Denver, CO (postponed due to Covid-19)

10/22/20 BONFIRE an online Ignite the Family Conference for Moms Forth Worth, TX

11/04/20 Magnificat Moms, Arvada, CO

11/06-07/20 The Single Mom University filming ( 4 classes) Baton Rogue, LA

11/27-28/20 ME in Motherhood On-line Conference

02/09/21 MOPS Lakewood, CO

02/19/21 MOPS Littleton, CO

03/03/21 Podcast Guest: Cultivating your Kids’ Friendship

03/05-06/21 Ignite the Family (in person) Conference St. Louis, MO

04/10/21 MOM Nation, Littleton, CO

04/14/21 MOPS Cheyenne, WY

04/26/21 MOPS Highlands Ranch, CO

05/06/21 MOPS Littleton, CO

05/11/21 No More Perfect Podcast with Jill Savage

05/18/21 No More Perfect Podcast with Jill Savage

06/09/21 Building Family Summit

06/17/21 Raising Christian Kids Podcast with Leann Mancini

08/13-15/21 AWSA Conference, Emcee, St. Louis, MO

08/16-18/21 Christian Product Expo St. Louis, MO
           08/16/21 Interview Bob Crittenden Faith Radio
           08/16/21 Interview with Donna- More than a Review Facebook LIVE

08/23/21 Messy Hope: Help Your Child Overcome anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Ideation RELEASE DAY!

08/26/21 Facebook Live with Laine Lawson Craft

09/01/21 Taping at Focus on the Family (Parenting with Jackson Greer)

09/08/21 Interview Authors Corner

09/ 9-11/ 21 MOMCON Nashville, TN ( 2 Workshops)

09/18-23/21 Frayed Not Summit Webinar and Summit Workshops 

10/8-9/21 IGNITE Atlanta, GA (Postponed) 

10/12/21 MOPS Littleton, CO 

10/25/21 MOPS Denver, CO

10/29-30/21 Hope Conference Parker, CO (Keynote) 

01/05, 12,19,26/22 Parent Mental Health Workshop Littleton, CO

01/20/22 MOPS Bailey, CO

02/08/22 MOPS Boulder, CO

02/17/22 MOPS Littleton, CO

03/06/22 Mental Health Seminar Lakewood, CO

03/09/22 Mental Health Seminar Lakewood, CO 

03/25-26/22 Ignite Conference St. Louis, MO

04/18/ 22 MOPS Littleton,CO

05/20-21/22 Ignite Conference Bridgecrest, NC

08/26-27/22 Ignite Conference Phoenix, AZ 













Lori has also spoken in:

Minneapolis, MN

Birmingham, AL

Dallas, TX

San Diego, CA

Jacksonville, FL

Kansas City, KS

Cheyenne, WY

Grand Rapids, MI

Scottsdale, AZ

St. Paul, MN

Akron, OH

St. Louis, MO

Baton Rogue, LA

Fort Worth, TX

Nashville, TN (in Sept. 2021)

Atlanta, GA ( in Oct. 2021) 



Previous Radio and Skype Programs:

Authentic Intimacy with Dr. Juli Slattery

The Hub of New Mexico, Dan Rosecrans (New Mexico)

YES FM with Kim Radio 6:30 AM (Ohio)

Live the Promise with Susie Larson (Syndicated)

Skype Interview with Eric Walker 9:00 AM MTN

Radio interview WKTP Florida

Webinar with Juli Slattery and Hannah 11 AM MTN L

Life Line with Craig Roberts Radio (San Francisco)

WMPC Off the Book Shelf Radio 7 AM (Michigan)

WMUZ/WEXl/ WRDT The Bob Dutko Show 12:30 (Michigan)

The Debbie Chavez Show Internet Radio (Washington)

Grit n Grace with Amy Carroll & Cheri Gregory Internet Radio

Parenting Unchained with Dr. Jim Dempsey (Texas)

Moody Radio with Chris Brooks 12-1 Central Time LIVE (Syndicated)

Girlfriend IT

Living Joyfully Free

Rita Under Grace








1190 AM Speak Out

Channel MOM KRKS Salem

Rush to Reason KLZ 560 AM

The Real Traci Rock 670 AM KLTT

Parenting Unchained with Dr. Jim Dempsey

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