The Messy Life of Parenting

Powerful and Practical Ways to Strengthen Family Connection

As parents, we long for our kids to have family relationships that last a lifetime. But how do we create an atmosphere for connection on this messy journey of parenting? The Messy Life of Parenting shows you small changes you can make now to build lasting relationships, even when the going gets tough. Apply God’s design for interdependence and learn to:

  • Strengthen family relationships both between you and your child and between siblings.
  • Encourage leadership skills.
  • Distinguish between enabling and helping.
  • Avoid cultural parenting advice that could sabotage your family.
  • Discuss issues without creating division.
  • And so much more!

Regardless of how old your child is, or the mistakes or successes you’ve experienced so far, God made families for relationship, and now is the time to start strengthening those ties.

Published by New Hope Publishers.

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