3 Ways to Dial Down Your Own Drama

3 Ways to Dial Down Your Own Drama

  Meet Cindi McMenamin an author friend and colleague of mine. You will love her real and common sense approach to family living. She presents 3 ways to avoid letting drama and worry be a part of your life. Her ideas work because they are based on wisdom from the...

Kick Worry Out of Your Home

Friends,We have an awesome guest blogger today. Cindi McMenamin has written  for Eternal Moments before as a guest a year ago and is a team member of 1st Corinthians 13 Parenting. Last year she gave us 5 Ways to Grow Closer to Your Spouse and this year she is...

The Risky Rewards of Reaching Out

Friends, I have a treat for you today. My friend and colleague (from The Mom Initiative) , Melinda Means, is sharing her heart with you today. You will be blessed by her words.  And…after reading this you will feel loved, love her,...

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